Gianluca BiscottiFOUNDER

Gianluca graduated from the Politecnico of Bari with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2001 and has been enrolled in the National Order of Engineers (Bari) since 5th October 2001 (no. 6226).

Initially a free-lance engineer, Gianluca quickly recognised the potential for the Renewable Energy sector in the Italian market, taking on numerous projects for the design and engineering of wind and photovoltaic plants in the early stages of the company’s founding. Through continuous education and training, Gianluca subsequently also specialised in the integrated design of electrical power stations and lines.

He is one of three managing directors and owners of BFP, and in addition to managing the implementation of new and existing photovoltaic and wind projects in Italy and Europe, today Gianluca is also the area manager for BFP Maghreb S.a.r.l., the group’s wholly owned subsidiary offering engineering services for renewable energy systems throughout North Africa.

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