In 2012, BFP Service S.r.l. was born, a new division dedicated to the Operation & Maintenance of Renewable Energy systems, serving a growing number of plant owners in Italy and abroad.

Routine Maintenance

Focuses on predicting failures, maintaining equipment and ensuring all operations are performed on schedule in order to best manage both time and capital, all in accordance with CEI-10 standards.

Routine maintenance services include grass cutting, panel cleaning, spare parts management, module inspections and so on.

Routine maintenance is necessary in order to ensure maximum plant productivity and the highest possible availability. All components of renewable energy systems must be periodically inspected, with necessary adjustments or replacements made in order to prevent downtime.

Corrective Maintenance

Focuses on responding to incoming alerts and restoring the optimal operating condition of sites, consequently maximising both productivity and financial returns.

BFP Service technicians evaluate alarm notifications, make regular on-site visits, liaison with suppliers and assume responsibility for the replacement or restoration of damaged parts.

For each intervention, BFP generates a report in order to keep the client informed on the original problem and its updated status.

Operations Management

Operations Management services are geared towards optimising renewable energy plant operations and management strategies for improved plant output and profitability.

The service involves regular monitoring, liaising with public entities, ensuring compliance with legal obligations, the fulfilment of administrative procedures, energy billing services, reporting and so on.

In a competitive renewable energy market, effective asset management is critical in order to maximise investor returns on energy produced by renewable energy systems.

BFP offers an Operations Management programme that guarantees long-term productivity, the profitability of renewable energy plants and most importantly, investor peace of mind.

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