INGRID: European Research Project, final event in Bari on 28th March 2017

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Hydrogen plays its part in the renewable sector. European experts will meet in Bari today, 28th March 2017, in an international event marking the conclusion of the European research project, Ingrid, where results of the work-in-progress in Troia will be presented to the public.

The European research project, funded as part of the 7th Framework Programme, offers a technological solution allowing the surplus energy from renewable energy sources to be stored in the form of hydrogen in a solid state through the use of magnesium discs. To demonstrate the feasibility of this system, a test plant was built in Troia (FG), an area characterised by a high number of wind farms and photovoltaic plants.

Results of the European funded test installation will be presented today, Tuesday 28th March at 9.00am in “Sala Agorà” at ARTI (Agenzia Regionale per la tecnologia e l’innovazione – Regional  Agency for technology and innovation), the project partner responsible for analysing the potential of hydrogen-based technologies when used as part of the energy mix.

The event will include presentations by Loredana Capone, councillor of Economic Development for the Region of Apulia, Vito Albino, special commissioner ARTI, Domenico Laforgia, director of the Department of Economic Development, Innovation, Education, Training and Employment for the Region of Apulia, Giuseppe Prettico, researcher for the European Commission, Marcello Capra, delegated by the Ministry of Economic Development for the SET Plan and Horizon Energia Programme, Leonardo Cavalieri, mayor of Troia (FG).

The event is being organised by ARTI, in collaboration with all partners of the project.

Visit the INGRID website for more details on the project for which BFP was the engineering partner.

Click here to download the agenda.

Click here to download the ARTI press release.




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