Erhan Çakar, co-founder and president of BFP ENERJİ, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering obtained at Bogazici University, Istanbul and a degree in Process Engineering obtained at Reading University, England.

After ten years of professional experience, Erhan Çakar opened his first company in 1985. Initially a manufacturing company for food processing machinery, the company soon began to provide engineering, consultancy and project management services.

Over the course of 20 years, Erhan Çakar completed 18 industrial projects for a combined value of US$ 600 million. He worked on a turnkey basis, offering feasibility studies, start-up and project management services during all stages of civil, mechanical and electrical works, including process design, engineering, purchasing, contracting, construction, installation and training.

In addition to running his own business, Erhan Çakar also accumulated 14 years of experience as a manager, general manager and board member of various companies and holdings.

In 2010 Erhan Çakar became interested in the renewable energy sector and began to participate in various meetings, conferences and fairs in Turkey and abroad. He became a member of Eurosolar Turkey, an international association that predominantly deals with solar and wind energy, going on to become the vice-president.

In 2013, together with Antonio Festa, thanks to his vast expertise in the Turkish renewable energy market, he established the engineering and consultancy firm, BFP Enerji, of which he is currently the president and a 50% shareholder.

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