APULIA, Troia (Foggia) – The “CO2-EATING MONSTER”, a new success “Made in BFP”: the construction of the first plant in Italy that turns the surplus of energy from renewable sources into gas

Transforming the surplus of wind and solar energy produced in the Apulian “Dauni” mountains into methane: this is the goal achieved thanks to the work of BFP GROUP that managed and developed the whole project carrying out Basic and Detail Engineering, Civil and Electrical Construction and related interconnections, Construction Management and Supervision. We are talking […]


The joint venture BFP On Top of Renewables S.L. will allow BFP to serve its customers in Spain and LATAM with a local presence and allow OnRenewables to accelerate its expansion. BFP and OnRenewables are glad to announce the creation of BFP On Top of Renewables SL, a joint venture company with head office in […]

18MWp Photovoltaic Plant

BFP is fulfilling the role of technical adviser for a 18MWp Photovoltaic Plant located in Assemini, Cagliari, (IT), suppling H&S supervision and technical assistance during the construction to the Epc AKTOR SaS. PV plant owner: ENI NEW ENERGY   

INGRID: European Research Project, final event in Bari on 28th March 2017

Hydrogen plays its part in the renewable sector. European experts will meet in Bari today, 28th March 2017, in an international event marking the conclusion of the European research project, Ingrid, where results of the work-in-progress in Troia will be presented to the public.

Renewable Energy, we’ve still got work to do

Renewable energy continues to be a hot topic, particularly in southern Italy. Alessandro Cannavale, basilicata24.it, talks with Danilo Pomponio, Gianluca Biscotti and Antonio Festa about the renewable energy market and where its headed.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for BFP Service S.r.l.

BFP SERVICE S.r.l. is pleased to inform that it was recently granted UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification issued by CERTIQUALITY, as per attached certificate number 24117, dated 15th December 2016.

INGRID High-Tech Hydrogen Plant in Troia Inaugurated

After more then one year of hard work, on 21st December, together with our partners forming part of the INGRID Consortium, the INGRID Hydrogen Pilot plant in Troia (Italy) has been inaugurated.

BFP appointed as technical advisor for acquisition by Radiant Fund

Radiant Fund successfully purchased 5.3 MWp of PV plants in operation, from Terni Energia SpA and EAM Solar ASA.

BFP appointed for the final design of 2.5 MW Diesel/1MWp PV Plant in south of Myanmar

BFP continues to consolidate its presence in Myanmar following the latest appointment by a Singapore-based client. 

BFP lands in Argentina: 300 MWp scheduled for construction

BFP was recently commissioned for the final design of a 300 MWp photovoltaic plant in Jujui, Argentina. 

BFP appointed for the final design of a 5MWp PV plant in Jandar, Siria

BFP supports Green Power Solution for the final design of a photovoltaic plant with total power 5 MWp, named Jandar in Siria. 

BFP supports WELINK in Myanmar

BFP supports WELINK for the final design of a photovolatic plant with a total power of 220 MWp, named Mimbu in Myanmar. 

BFP completes PV revamping project

BFP Service completes the revamping of three PV plants owned by SOLAR 21. 

BFP joins the international consortium, STORE&GO

27 partner organisations and companies from all over Europe collaborate in the STORE&GO project to integrate Power-to-Gas technology into the future European energy system.  

BFP supports EDP Renewables for the development of wind farms in Basilicata

BFP contributed to the development of the wind farm “La Rocca” (PZ) with nominal power equal to 10 MW and recently connected to the grid. BFP provided supervisory services for the construction of the wind farms, on behalf of the owner, EDP Renewables. 

BFP joins the International Consortium INGRID

BFP joins the International Consortium INGRID of the “ENERGY.2001.7.3-2: Storage and balancing variable electricity supply and demand” of the European Commission.

BFP Maghreb designed a R&D CPV plant in the Moroccan desert

Today the construction of a R&D Concentrated PV plant in the R&D NOOR MASEN Area in the desert zone of Ouarzazate in Morocco started. BFP Maghreb sarl, Moroccan subsidiary of BFP, 

BFP Maghreb completed the R&D CPV plant in the Moroccan desert

Today with the execution of acceptance tests and signing of the minutes of acceptance, BFP Maghreb sarl, a subsidiary of BFP in Morocco, together with his constructor partner World Saving Energy sarl, they have successfully completed the construction of the R&D CPV plant in the R&D NOOR zone of MASEN in the area of Ouarzazate in […]

Opening of “Cantine della Legalità”

PON FESR “Safety for Development.” Objective convergence 2007-2013. The new wine cellar, “Le Cantine della Legalità“, a structure recently freed from the mafia and illegal activity, was inaugurated last week in the presence of Regional and Municipal authorities.

16th June 2015 – Erhan Çakar, Chairman of BFP Enerji contributes in 6th Turkey Wind & Solar Energy Forum as a panelist

Erhan Çakar, Chairman of BFP Enerji is one of the panelists in 6th Turkey Wind & Solar Energy Forum, Istanbul.

BFP Enerji A.Ş. exhibits at ICCI 2015 in Istanbul, from 6th – 8th May

From 6th – 8th May, BFP ENERJI will exhibit at ICCI 2015 at the Istanbul Expo Center in Turkey.

31st March 2015 – BFP connects another 46 MWp in UK

BFP has connected another 46 MWp in the UK, further strengthening its role in the UK energy market.

BFP connects a total of 83.2 MWp in the UK, with more in the pipeline

BFP has connected a total of 83.2 MWp in the UK, contributing to the UK’s clean energy campaign.

Oxford, BFP connects its first PV plant in UK territory

BFP has connected its first PV plant in the UK, with a peak power of 12.5 MW, guaranteeing the supply of clean energy to approximately 3,000 families.

12.5 MWp Solar Farm near Oxford, UK

Studio Tecnico BFP S.r.l., in the capacity of project manager on behalf of a renowned EPC, begins the construction of a 12.5 MWp PV plant in rural Oxford, with connection expected by 5th March.

Fotovoltaik Enerji Sistemleri Tasarımı Semineri Çok Yakında!

BPP Enerji mühendislerinin konuşmacı olarak yer alacağı Fotovoltaik Enerji Sistemleri Tasarımı Semineri  çok yakında gerçekleşecek. Seminere katılmak istiyorsanız ya seminer hakkında bilgi almak istiyorsanız lütfen aşağıdaki iletişim bilgileri butonuna tıklayarak bilgilerinizi bizimle paylaşın.  

14th January 2014 – New office, staff and strategic alliances for BFP Maghreb in Morocco

New offices, new staff and new strategic alliances per BFP MAGHREB, subsidiary of Studio Tecnico BFP in Morocco. Starting from January 2014 BFP Maghreb moved its Calablanca operative offices in the modern and central district Quartier Racine at 5° floor of the 10, Rue El Jihani. Moreover the new director Silvia Alvarez  joined the BFP Maghreb staff. Silvia Alvarez, […]

20th March 2014 – BFP ENERJI launches the one-day PV training seminars

BFP ENERJI is now holding one-day PV Training Seminars in Turkey. Professionals are tought the fundamental concepts necessary to invest in safe, compliant and profitable PV Systems in Turkey. Seminars focus on PV System Design,

20th March 2014 – BFP ENERJI invites you to Istanbul ICCI 2014

Confirming the great interest in the Turkish market and the full operativity of BFP in Turkey, BFP Enerji, the Turkish subsidiary of Studio Tecnico BFP, will exhibit in Istanbul at the ICCI 2014 from the 24th to the 26th of April. Please come to our booth F100/a at Istanbul Expo Center to meet our directors […]

19th November 2012 – BFP Maghreb exhibiting at Wind Power North Africa 2012 in Casablanca

This year BFP Maghreb, the newest company in the BFP Group catering to the North African market, will be exhibiting at the Wind Power North Africa conference and exhibition in Casablanca, from 27th to 28th November.

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