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The joint venture BFP On Top of Renewables S.L. will allow BFP to serve its customers in Spain and LATAM with a local presence and allow OnRenewables to accelerate its expansion.

BFP and OnRenewables are glad to announce the creation of BFP On Top of Renewables SL, a joint venture company with head office in Marbella, Spain.

The joint venture BFP OnRenewables S.L. will allow BFP to serve its customers in Spain and LATAM with a local presence and allow OnRenewables to accelerate its expansion.

“The joint venture represents BFP’s capacity to adapt to changing international needs with the objective of providing technical and engineering expertise in a territory with high renewable potential and growing market; we believe OnRenewables will be a valuable partner in maximizing those goals”, declared Mr. Gianluca B. Biscotti, Chairman of BFP.

“We are looking forward to working with BFP because their expertise, market penetration and interest on our natural-local markets. With our local knowledge, expertise and dynamism, we believe BFP has all the necessary to succeed in Spain and LATAM, while OnRenewables will be able to accelerate its expansion”, said Rafael Peris, CEO of OnRenewables.

BFP On Top of Renewables represents a joint venture between the Italian BFP and the Spanish OnRenewables, two fresh and flexible companies managed by skilled, enthusiastic and charismatic engineers betting on the power market of the future, the Renewables.

Two worldwide engineering and consulting companies in the renewable market have finally joined their forces and their multidisciplinary staff in order to grant the highest quality and expertise in the Spanish and Latin American renewable market.


About BFP:

BFP boasts more than 15 years of experience in the renewable market providing technical services for the production, transmission and supply of electrical energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind and water. With a multidisciplinary and highly experienced staff of more than 50 engineers, BFP ensures the complete and integrated management of all design and implementation processes, all performed in-house, providing engineering and consultancy services in all continents for a total of more than 2 GW on PV plants and over 2 GW on wind farms.
For more information, please visit: www.bfpgroup.net

About OnRenewables:

OnRenewables is a young company founded by two partners with more than 12 years of experience in renewables in six different countries. It is a global engineering and project management company for the solar photovoltaic sector with a multidisciplinary staff of more than 20 resources among engineers and draftsmen. It boasts over 2 GW engineered renewables power plants for international IPPs, EPC Con-tractors and Developers. The expertise of its team allows OnR to carry out complex projects in a flexible, dynamic, fast and cost-efficient way all over the world.
For more information, please visit: onrenewables.es

Born from the combined expertise of two international engineering companies, BFP On on Top of Renewables brings together professionals from diverse disciplines that offer complementary skills. This joined force is the culmination of a successful global experience and a know-how gained over years. Combining two global engineering experiences together with a local presence in Spain, with its cultural and historical influence in Latin America, we strongly believe that we are the best partner to support clients with renewable projects in Spain and LATAM.

Media Contact:

Ms. Angelica Brigido

Our JV location:

BFP On Top of Renewables S.L.
5 Calle Juan de la Cierva (Groundfloor)
29603 – Marbella (Spain)

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