BFP will participate to the E-TALIA SUMMIT

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The meeting will be held in Milan at the Four Seasons Hotel on 4th and 5th June 2019

We are proud to communicate that BFP’s Chairman, Eng. Gianluca Biscotti, will be one of the speakers of the E-TALIA SUMMIT to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel on 4th and 5th June 2019. The goal of E-TALIA Summit is to create synergy and a network of traders, utilities, companies, investors and banks in the renewable energy sector in Italy, to unlock the wind and solar potential of the country and reach 32% of clean energy by 2030.

On Wednesday 5th June at 10:00 am, Eng. Biscotti will discuss about “Reducing Secondary Market Acquisition Risks”, with a special focus on Due Diligence services, one of the core activities of BFP.

The event will be attended by experts, managers of major companies operating in the energy sector, market analysts, representatives of associations of the solar and wind energy market, and university professors.

We are very proud to take part in this important event, because we can present our point of view about the clean energy market and share our ideas with prestigious international companies.

What do we expect from attending the E-Talia summit?

We hope to create a new network of contacts with the companies that will take part in the event, of which we share the vision. From their authoritative experience we can learn and draw inspiration” (cit. Eng. Biscotti).

Please, contact us to to receive our discount code that will allow you to have a 20% discount on your participation in the event. Thanks.


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