BFP Service is the O&M division dedicated to the construction, operation & maintenance of renewable energy  plants, offering specialised services with all the reliability of the BFP brand.

Routine Maintenance

BFP Service offers a routine maintenance service involving the periodic inspection and servicing of equipment to prevent system failures, through a team of qualified technicians responsible for performing all tasks on schedule and in accordance with CEI-10 standards.

Routine maintenance services include grass cutting, panel cleaning, spare parts management, module inspections and so on.

Routine maintenance is necessary in order to ensure maximum plant productivity and the highest possible availability.

All components of renewable energy systems must be regularly inspected, serviced or replaced as needed, in order to prevent downtime.

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Corrective Maintenance

BFP Service has a team of dedicated technicians ready to promptly intervene in the case of unexpected malfunctions.

Corrective maintenance focuses on responding to incoming alarms and restoring the optimal operating condition of plants, thus maximising both productivity and financial returns.

BFP Service technicians evaluate alarm notifications, make regular on-site visits, liaison with suppliers and look after the replacement or servicing of damaged parts.

All corrective maintenance operations are recorded on hourly/daily worksheets submitted on a monthly basis, keeping clients informed and up to date on their investment status.

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Operations Management

Operations or Asset Management services seek to optimise renewable energy plant operations and management strategies for improved plant output and profitability.

BFP Service offers clients nation-wide a detailed operations management package that includes regular monitoring, liaising with public authorities, compliance with legal obligations, fulfilment of administrative procedures, energy billing services, reporting and so on.

On request, BFP Service is available to prepare a tailor-made programme that guarantees long-term productivity, plant profitability and most importantly, investor peace of mind.

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A skill set for the integrated management of all construction, maintenance and management services through an expert team of technicians.

Our O&M Team

A team of dedicated experts keeping plants up and running 24/7

A multidisciplinary and highly experienced staff (1 x manager, 2 x engineers, 1 x surveying technician, 3 x electricians, 3 x O&M technicians) manages and solves all problems associated with the construction, operation and maintenance of large-scale projects.

BFP Service currently provides O&M services for 35 MWp in PV plants and more than 30 MW in wind farms, owned by local and foreign investors.

BFP Service is the ideal partner for national and international investors seeking to optimise and economise the operation of their electrical power plants in Italy.

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O&M services in detail

01 / Continuous Plant Monitoring

02 / Administrative Procedures

03 / Operations Health & Safety

04 / Plant & Asset Management

05 / Spare Parts Management

06 / Energy Billing Services

07 / Regular Grass Cutting

08 / Periodic Panel Cleaning

09 / Thermal Imaging Module Inspections

10 / I-V Curve Measurements

11 / Troubleshooting and Replacement/Servicing

12 / Defective Equipment Reconditioning/Start-up

An Operations Management Support programme that guarantees long-term productivity, profitability and most importantly, investor peace of mind.

Why do Investors need Operations Management Support?

Operations Management Support services seek to optimise renewable energy plant operations and management strategies for improved plant output and profitability.

Given the large number of renewable energy plants throughout Italy, successful O&M strategies are becoming increasingly important. It is no longer sufficient to simply ensure the project is built at the lowest possible price, an approach nowadays considered unprofitable and short-sighted, negatively impacting on the lifecycle of renewable energy plants.

Renewable energy systems are not maintenance-free and require continuous monitoring and periodic inspections.

The ongoing management of plants in operation also involves: regular liaising with public entities, guaranteed compliance with legal obligations, fulfilment of bureaucratic procedures and so on.

In a competitive renewable energy market, efficient asset management is critical in order to maximise investor returns on the energy produced by renewable systems.


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