BFP GROUP has successfully completed the construction of a plant for the production and storage of liquid methane (LNG) by means of water electrolysis, in Troia (Foggia)

Transforming the surplus of wind and solar energy produced in the Apulian “Dauni” mountains into methane: this is the goal of the European Union project achieved thanks to the work of BFP that led to the construction of the plant.

Indeed, BFP managed and developed the whole Pilot Project carrying out the following activities: Basic and Detail Engineering, Civil and Electrical Construction and related Interconnections, Construction Management and Supervision.

The Pilot Project was financed by the E.U. and STORE&GO, an international consortium composed of 27 organisations and companies from all over Europe and founded by the European Union’s “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme”.

BFP is one of the members of this prestigious consortium whose goal is to integrate the Power-to-Gas technology into the future European energy system (for more info about STORE&GO, please visit the following website:


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