BFP connects a total of 83.2 MWp in the UK, with more in the pipeline

BFP has connected a total of 83.2 MWp in the UK, contributing to the UK’s clean energy campaign.

BFP worked as owners’ engineer from our client’s offices in London for:  Radstone (5.22 MWp), Rowles (12.76 MWp), Flit (10.47 MWp), Gaultney (21.58 MWp) and Egmanton (14.11 MWp).

For Aspatria (19.03 MWp), BFP was also appointed for the drafting of the final design.

At Rowles (12.76 MWp), BFP also fulfilled the role of Site Manager during all stages of construction, performing all final testing and activities for the issue of the PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate) for this plant.

ROWLES 1 31.03.15 web

ROWLES 2 31.03.15 web

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