7th March 2013 – BFP moves into the Turkish market with BFP Enerji A.Ş., the new BFP company with head offices in Istanbul, Turkey

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The BFP Group has expanded its international reach with the addition of BFP Enerji A.Ş. a BFP company with head offices in Istanbul, Turkey. BFP Enerji represents a joint venture between the BFP Group and Eng. Erhan Cakar, a locally based Turkish engineer with over 20 years of experience managing approximately 20 large-scale industrial engineering projects in Turkey.

BFP Enerji represents a response to the exponentially increasing demand for clean energy in Turkey, supported by recent changes to Turkish legislation establishing new and revised feed-in tariffs and incentives for developers, producers and investors. BFP Enerji is therefore the result of extensive research into the emerging Turkish renewable energy market, representing BFP’s capacity to adapt to changing international needs with the objective of providing technical and engineering expertise in a territory filled with investment potential.

BFP Enerji offers the integrated technical and administrative management of design, authorisation, construction and operations procedures for renewable energy systems in Turkey including Ground PV systems, Rooftop PV systems and Wind Farms, engineering services for electrical and civil works, as well as general consulting services for both technical and administrative aspects.

The BFP Group has followed the design and development of photovoltaic plants for a total of 250MWp and wind farms for a total of more than 330MWp, as well as fuel service stations and distribution networks for major oil companies in the Italian market.

Eng. Erhan Cakar, an equal shareholder in BFP Enerji, boasts over twenty years of experience managing the implementation of approxiamtely 18 large-scale industrial engineering projects in Turkish territory.
BFP Enerji will be exhibiting at ICCI 2013 at booth number F116, at the Istanbul Expo Centre from 24th to 26th April 2013.

Visit BFP Enerji A.Ş on our home page for more information.

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