12th May 2011 – Inauguration Energyparking photovoltaic park in Vasto

The new photovoltaic park named ENERGYPARKING in Vasto, Via Conti Ricci, was inaugurated on 12th May. ENERGYPARKING, a photovoltaic plant with a 400kw capacity and 152 parking spaces, is a public facility owned by the local municipality, constructed using the project financing formula and designed in collaboration with Studio BFP.

Electrical energy produced by the photovoltaic panels will be sold, with private operators benefiting from takings.

The parking lot represents a new concept of integrated urban sustainability, including a parking system for vehicles, scooters and bicycles, where electric vehicles  can also be directly recharged using solar energy. A contemporary public space, integrating a green urban park, an energy production system using renewable energy sources, and a system for the recharge of electric vehicles.

The initiative complies with new European standards aimed at self-sufficient energy production for all constructions from 2020 onwards.
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