10th March 2011 – BFP protests against new Romani decree

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10th March 2011 – Studio BFP first in line at the conference organised by sosrinnovabili.it to protest against the “Romani/Enel rimuovi-rinnovabili” decree approved on 07/03/2011. More than two thousand people participated in the conference at the Teatro Quirino in Rome, with many forced to wait outside as the theatre was a full house.

A sector united: more than 22,000 viewers in direct streaming on 450 micro web tvs, on the AltraTv.tv network. Nearly 60,000 contacts registered over four days on www.sosrinnovabili.it, 45,000 protest emails collected and forwarded to the government. 8,000 facebook supporters.

The Renewable Energy sector – employees, private citizens, companies – all said “no” to the Romani decree, proposing various solutions including “legal avenues in order to declare the decree unconstitutional (Tar, Constitutional Court, European Court of Justice) and the launching of a class action.

The objective of the encounter was to unite forces within the sector and ask the government to revisit the issue, removing retroactive actions and promoting sustainable interventions which would avoid drowning an entire sector. The uncertainty into which the industry has been thrown as a consequence of the decree was strongly criticised, as were the social and economic consequences to be paid by one of the only sectors which continues to be productive, and which has avoided being struck by the global crisis.

Numerous political representatives were present to hear the demands of the industry, including the Secretariat of the PD, Pierluigi Bersani, together with Dario Franceschini, parliamentarians Ermete Realacci, Francesco Ferrante and Roberto Della Seta (all from the PD), Angelo Bonelli from the Greens and Grazia Francescato of Sel.

To view coverage of the event, click here.
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